Guidelines to Set Up Extender using http //re.rockspace.local

If you own a Rock space WiFi extender and are looking to set it up then you are at the right place. Here, we are providing you with essential information about the Rock space WiFi extender setup process using http //re.rockspace.local. First and foremost, you need to know that ‘http //re.rockspace.local’ is the default URL for doing Rock space WiFi extender setup. Just read the below-mentioned information carefully to configure your WiFi extender using re rockspace local with ease.

How to Configure WiFi Extender using http //re rockspace.local?

Configure WiFi Extender using Re rockspace.local
  • First, unwrap the WiFi extender.
  • Position the Rock space WiFi extender at its ideal location.
    Important Note: You can go through the user manual to get the instructions on where to place your device during the initial re rockspace.local setup process.
  • Connect your WiFi extender using an Ethernet cable with the router.
  • Connect your extender device to the power source.
  • Turn on your range extender.

If you find difficulty in connecting your Rock space WiFi extender to the router, then don’t worry. Here, we have come up with the information to establish a connection between your range extender and the router.

Connect Rockspace WiFi Extender to Router

Method 1: Connecting Rock space WiFi extender using Ethernet Cable
  • Firstly, you need to connect one end to the router and the other end to the range extender.
  • Now you can enjoy the network connection throughout your house.
Method 2: Connecting Rock space WiFi extender using the WPS button
  • First, you need to select the repeater mode to establish a connection between the router and the extender.
  • Now, press and hold the WPS button on your WiFi extender and the router.
  • Finally, your Rock space range extender is connected successfully to your router and ready to use.

Perform WiFi Extender Login via re rockspace local

  • Turn on your computer.
  • Open the internet browser on your device. Make sure that you are using an updated version of the internet browser.
  • Go to the address bar and enter http re rockspace local login URL, i.e. http //re.rockspace.local in the address field.
  • Press the Enter key.
  • Then, the http //re.rockspace.local login page will appear where you need to enter the re rockspace.local default username and password and click on the Log In button.
    Important Note: For the re rockspace.local default username and password, refer to the user manual which comes along with the product at the time of purchase.
  • Finally, you are logged in to your WiFi extender using http //re.rockspace.local.
  • Now, you can change the settings of your WiFi extender as per your requirement. Don’t forget to click on the Save button. Else, you’ll lose all the settings made by you.
Login via http re rockspace local

Can’t Access http //re.rockspace.local

Here, we have mentioned some common issues with their solutions that you might face while accessing http //re.rockspace.local URL.

  • Try re-configuring the Wireless range extender and access re rockspace.local.
  • Power cycle all of your devices.
  • Cross-check http //re.rockspace.local URL in the address bar. Sometimes users accidentally type the wrong URL and face the issue.

If you are still facing any difficulty while accessing the http re rockspace local login page, then you can take support from our technical experts for an instant solution.

Rockspace WiFi Extender not working

Rockspace WiFi Extender not working

Sometimes Rock space WiFi extender stops working and users can’t get into the Rock space WiFi extender login page using http //re.rockspace.local. Then, here we have given some information to resolve the issue.

  • Disconnect all the devices and connect again after some minutes.
  • If not, then try to reset your Rock space WiFi extender using the Reset button.
  • Press the WPS button.
  • It will restart automatically.
  • Then, check whether your device is working properly or not. Else, you need to re-install your Rock space WiFi range extender by accessing Rockspace login page.

Rock space WiFi extender Displaying Red Light.

Try to reset your Rock space WiFi extender. For this:

  • Look for the Reset button located on your device.
  • Press the Reset button.
  • Then, the extender will restart automatically. Check if the device is working properly by accessing the http re rockspace local login page via http re rockspace.local.

Recover Rock space WiFi extender password via http// re.rockspace.local

  • First, you need to turn on your device.
  • Open the internet browser and make sure that you are using an updated version of your internet browser.
  • Go to the address bar and type http// re.rockspace.local in the address field.
  • Then, press the Enter key.
  • You will see the re rockspace.local login page.
  • Click on the Forgot password option then a screen will appear where you need to answer the security questions.
  • After answering all the questions, click on the Continue button.
  • On a new screen, you are required to enter the new re rockspace.local password in the new password field.
  • Re-enter the http //re.rockspace.local password again for confirmation.
  • Then, click on the Save changes button to save your new password.
Recover extender password via http re rockspace local
  • Finally, your new http //re.rockspace.local password is ready to use. Thus, you need to use it to get into the re rockspace.local login page the next time.

Hopefully, the above information will prove to be helpful for you with context to the Rock space WiFi extender setup using http //re.rockspace.local and also helps you in resolving the re rockspace.local login issues. If you are still getting troubled by http //re.rockspace.local login issues, you can contact our technical experts’ team for instant support.

How to Change http re rockspace local Login Password?

In the process of configuring the range extender, you’ll reach a screen that requires you to provide http re rockspace local login password. The admin password for the range extender is preset. Changing it is something we suggest for safety motives. For various reasons, many people want to alter their current http://re.rockspace.local password. Changing your password is mostly for safety reasons. That they may prevent unauthorized parties from accessing their system. Follow the steps highlighted below to know how to change the http://re.rockspace.local administrator password for your Rockspace range extender:

  • Firstly you need to run any web browser from your device to log in to the web-based setup page of your range extender.
  • In the browser’s address box, write http://re.rockspace.local and hit the Enter key. Feel free to put the default IP address to use if you’re unable to access the default web URL.
  • Consider rebooting your extender and refreshing the web browser in case you are unable to reach the http re rockspace local login screen.
  • Here you will notice the log-in window appearing to input your default Rockspace login username and password.
  • So, input the default http://re.rockspace.local login information and click the Log In button.
  • After that, go to Administration and select Management.
  • Now input the password you’d want to use for your range extender and then re-type it for confirmation.
  • Last but not least, choose Save, and your modified http re rockspace local login password will take effect.

After altering the login password, you can log out of your Rockspace WiFi range extender. Once done, access http://re.rockspace.local and try to log in to the extender using the new admin password. Are you able to? If yes, then we would like to appreciate you. In case you are running out of luck, take assistance from our trained experts. They will help you resolve the login problems in a jiffy.


Q. I forget http re rockspace local login password. What to Do?

A. It is quite common for users to forget the http re rockspace local login password. However, first of all, we suggest you try the default password for the extender login procedure and enter it without committing any mistakes. In case it doesn’t work, consider resetting your extender and setting it up via http //re.rockspace.local.

Q. Can I perform re.rockspace.local setup with my existing router?

A. The re.rockspace.local setup process can be completed using any router. The only requirement is that a continuous connection between your router and extender is there. Both devices can be connected either using the Ethernet cable or with the aid of a wireless source. All up to you. In case you don’t know how to create the extender-router link for re.rockspace.local setup process, contact our experts for immediate support.

Q. Why should I change the WiFi password after performing http //re.rockspace.local setup?

A. Since it is a universal truth that every Rockspace extender arrives equipped with the default configuration. Be it http re rockspace local login details or WiFi password, everything is preset to ease the setup process. But, it makes your extender vulnerable to hacker attacks. Thus, you should change the WiFi password of your range extender right after installation. It can be done by visiting the http //re.rockspace.local web address.

Q. Installation assistant keeps asking for rockspace local login password even if I’m entering the correct one. Help me!

A. The Rockspace installation assistant will keep asking for the admin password if your range extender is not placed in the boundary line of your host AP’s WiFi signals. Therefore, we suggest you bring your Rockspace a little closer to host AP. Apart from this, ensure that the browser used for the http re rockspace local login process is cache-free.

Q. My router has the MAC filtering feature enabled. What should I do before http //re.rockspace.local setup?

A. Whenever a device attempts to access the Rockspace extender, its MAC address gets translated into another one. To get the translated MAC address, you need to disable the MAC filter on your router, reboot the extender, and try to perform http //re.rockspace.local setup thereafter.

Q. Why I’m unable to re.rockspace.local?

A. For a successful visit to the re.rockspace.local URL, you do not insert it correctly into the address bar of the browser. The use of the search box is strictly prohibited. Aside from that, keep a check on the browser being utilized to access the URL. It is because a cached version of the browser will not be able to load the http re rockspace local login window successfully.

Q. What to do if my Rockspace disconnects from the router during http://re.rockspace.local setup?

A. A variety of reasons might lead to the connectivity issue between the Rockspace extender and router during the installation process. But, the main reason is the Ethernet cable connecting the extender and router. It must not be damaged no matter what. However, if you are facing issues with a perfectly working cable, seek help from our experts.

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