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Can’t Set Up Rockspace WiFi Extender?

Are you experiencing Rockspace WiFi extender setup issues? If this is stopping you from accessing the WiFi, then we are here to help!. In this guide, we have mentioned the Rockspace extender setup process with simple-to-execute steps. Read on.

Here are the two methods through which you can learn how to set up Rockspace WiFi extender:

WPS [WiFi-Protected Setup Method]

WPS method

Manual [Web Browser Method]

Web browser

Rockspace WiFi Extender Setup Using WPS Method

Follow the step-by-step guidelines mentioned in this section and learn how to set up Rockspace WiFi extender by pressing the WPS button:

  • Find an ideal location for your Rockspace wireless extender.
An ideal location should not be sharing space with transmitting appliances, electronic devices, reflexive surfaces, and metal objects. Some examples include Bluetooth speakers, mirrors, fish tanks, baby monitors, treadmills, televisions, microwave ovens, cordless phones, washing machines, aluminum studs, refrigerators, and much more.
  • The next step is to power up your extender.
  • Once the power LED has become stable, locate the WPS button on the router.
  • As soon as you find it, press it. Do the same on the extender.
  • The SIGNAL LED will turn BLUE indicating that you have successfully set up the device.

In this manner, you will complete the Rockspace WiFi extender setup process using the WPS or WiFi Protected Setup method.

Rock Space WiFi Extender Manual Setup Instructions

Here is how you can learn how to setup Rockspace WiFi extender manually:

The basic requirement in this method is for you to be accessing an updated and cache-free internet browser (GOOGLE CHROME, MOZILLA FIREFOX, MICROSOFT EDGE, etc).
  • Find an available wall socket in the same room where the host router is kept.
  • Plug your wireless range extender into it and press the power button to turn it on.
  • Connect the router to the extender with the aid of an Ethernet cable.

For your information, the network name or SSID of the Rockspace extender is Rockspace_ext.

RockSpace WiFi network
create login password

To learn how to connect your PC to it, here are the guidelines that you should read:

  • After this, switch on your computer and connect it to the network of the extender.
  • Click the bottom right WIFI option on your screen.
  • Locate and select the SSID of your Rockspace extender, i.e. Rockspace_ext.
  • Enter the password and click on the CONNECT button.
  • Wait for some time. Your PC will soon connect to the network of your extender.
  • Launch an internet browser and enter re.rockspace.local or
  • You will land on the Rockspace extender login page.
  • Now, create your admin password and record it for later use. Click the NEXT button.
  • From the list of available wireless networks, select the SSID that you want to extend.
  • Thereafter, enter the password for the same. Wait for the next window to appear.
The next window will appear saying EXTENDED SUCCESSFULLY.

With that, you will be able to wrap up the Rock Space WiFi extender manual setup method.

After learning how to setup Rockspace WiFi extender, in case you come across any problems like Rock Space WiFi extender not working, power LED blinking red, etc, then RESET ROCK SPACE WIFI EXTENDER. To learn how to reset your networking device, read the steps given in the next step.

extended successfully

How to Reset Rockspace WiFi Extender?

  • Locate the RESET button on your wireless range extender.
  • Use a pin to press the Reset button for approximately 8 SECONDS.
  • Release the button after this. The range extender will reset automatically after this.

The location of the Reset button depends on model to model. To understand what we are saying, you can refer to the images given below.

reset button


A. The Rock space WiFi extender's efficacy is highly dependent on its placement, so try to think strategically during the Rockspace WiFi extender setup if the earlier results are disappointing. You should keep it in the middle of the path between your router and the location to which you want WiFi signals. Once done, go through the instructions mentioned in the Rockspace WiFi extender manual to complete the setup procedure.

A. This is done so that users may seamlessly switch between the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. But the reality is, your device may not be very excellent at selecting the optimal frequency range for you. You can get in touch with our experts to know which frequency band will be suitable for your Rock space WiFi extender.

A. In order to modify the passphrase for the range extender open up your preferred web browser and go to http://re.rockspace.local. The login process requires the use of the default Rockspace WiFi extender setup password. Thereafter, go to Administration; input your current password, then your new passphrase twice. Then, choose the Save button. You’re done updating the administrator's password!

A. Avoid using easily guessed dictionary terms. Otherwise, they provide no more protection than employing characters of varying case types, such as lower and upper case. When creating a Rock space WiFi extender password, it's important to consider both its length and its difficulty. The Rockspace WiFi extender manual suggests using at least 8 characters. It will take longer to break a lengthier password. Add in some punctuation, symbols, and a mix of capital and lowercase letters. Avoid making it too difficult.

A. The Rockspace WiFi extender setup default credentials are required to install the device for the first time. You can take help from the Rockspace WiFi extender manual to get familiar with the default password and username of your device. In case you are unable to find them in the user guide, our technical staff is on their toes to help you out.

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